Dairy Farm Income Enhancement Proposals

Rainville-Paret Plan: A supply management proposal to address the dairy crisis and oversupply of milk

Submitted by Jacques Rainville & Phil Parent Jacques Rainville & Phil Parent

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Posted by Melissa Bravo on August 17, 2018 at 10:27 am

This is well written and recognizes the power given the Secretary of Agriculture when the Federal Dairy Commissioner duties were absorbed by the Secretary of Agriculture, and since lost over time.

The intent of his/her position in the law as originally written was to protect dairy farmers income and prevent monopoly. Most states also lost this position's function and call to duty over time.

It is time to reinstate this producer protection and if every state were to convene a State Dairy Task Force, that would be the venue to do so.

Said dairy commissioners should be nominated by ballot vote by each and every single dairy producer at a special meeting to create a State Dairy Task Force; and be held during the state farm show. Pennsylvania could take the lead on this in January.