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Make Our Co-ops Great Again

Submitted by Mike Eby

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Posted by Bruce Scholten on September 2, 2018 at 3:54 am

My Dad, Bas Scholten, & Washington State Dairy Federation asked congressional committees for supply management in the early 1980s. The Reagan-Bush administrations said it smelled like socialist quota. My latest writing (RGS-IBG 2018) proposes 'Fair Dairy Trade': If a country cannot give its cows pasture to help them live past the age of 12 (slaughtering them by their 4th birthday, too burnt out for a 2nd calf), they should import dairy products from high-welfare areas like the Green Hills of India where cows live ca. 17 years. Farmers' cooperatives like, Omsco-UK, Arla-UK, and Organic Valley-USA can cooperate, facilitated by - Bruce A. Scholten, author U.S. Organic Dairy Politics (2014 Palgrave)